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5-12-50 Freedom E
Batterygeek 6-12-44 :Portable DVD Player Battery Pack
Our Price: $129.99

Product Code: AZ-5-12-50

Our 5-12-50 is recommended for 12V* Portable DVD Players (Not recommended for 9V Portable DVD Players), This battery provides approximately 4-6 hours of additional movie time per charge with 12V portable DVD players. It is also compatible with Sirius and XM Portable Satellite Radios such as Sirius Model S50-C and Delphi MyFi XM2go, Portable DVD Players, Cell Phones, Digital Cameras & Other Devices 5V~12V*. 13,200mAh capacity, Tolerance up to 3A.

*Unregulated 12V output

Our digital camera batteries are external. They simply plug into your camera's DC input jack like a standard AC adaptor. One of the best things about our external batteries is that you can charge them without having to have them plugged into the device. In other words, you can simply leave the Battery Geek Inc. battery plugged into an outlet, and it will be charged and ready when you are.

One of the most commonly preferred features of our 5-12-50 DVD battery is the tiny dimensions and light weight. It is about the size of a deck of cards and just a little thicker at 2.25 inches long by 3.25 inches high by 1.5 inches wide. It weighs about the same as a 12 ounce can of Pepsi. Also, it comes with a free leather case with a belt clip and even a free handy car charger adapter so you can recharge your DVD battery anytime when you're on the go in any automobile.

Our batteries come with 10 connectors, ensuring that they will successfully connect with the vast majority of DVD players on the market today. We specialize in customer service, so if you happen to have any questions or concerns about your specific battery needs, we are more than happy to help.

One of the best things about our batteries is that they feature an L-ION chemistry. This eliminates the so-called "memory effect" that can plague some lesser batteries. Our batteries can be charged regardless of their charge status. There is absolutely no need to wait until they are depleted to recharge them. We stand proudly behind our batteries, offering a 30 Day Money Back Return option (restocking fee applies) and a 1 year Pro-rated Warranty.
  • Specifications:

    Battery Capacity: 13,200 mAh

    Battery Output Voltage: 11V/8.4V/5V

    Battery Gauge: Four stage charge level indicator Charge Current: 1500mA Charge Time: (fully discharged) 3Hours(4hours Maximum charge)

    Charger Output Power: 12V @ 2A(AC Adapter included

    Size: 2.25"x3.25"x1.5" Weight: 180g

    Your BG5-12-50 battery includes the following items:

  • This battery is compatible with:

    Sony Camcorders, Model: TRV16E, TRV17E, TRV18E, TRV25E, TRV27E, TRV40E, TRV900E, TRV940E, TRV950E,VX2000E, PC9E, PC110EPC115E, PC120E.., DSC-F707, DSC-F717...

    Panasonic: DS35, DS55, DS15, DS25, DS28, DS38, DS88, DS30, DS50... JVC: DVL300/500/800/310/315...

    Fuji: FinePix2400Z/2600Z/2800Z/3800Z/4800Z 4900/6800Z/6900Z... FinePixA200/A202/A203/A303/F401Z/F601Z/ S602Z/S2 Pro...

    Compatibility: The above compatibility list is just a partial list.

  • If your device external DC input requirement is 5V, 8.4V or 11V-12V and the DC plug shape looks like one of connectors in following picture, then this battery should be compatible with your device.

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