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How does the External Battery and Solar Charger Rental program work?

TBG’s Battery Rental Program Terms and Conditions (effective 9/15/14)

After Reading about the Program please select the the type of Power Station you are looking for at the bottom of this page.

On the rental product page there will be a short description including device compatibility, deposit amount, and daily rental fees for each power station.

The deposit is collected at checkout and is equal to the price of the power station the customer selects.

The daily rental rates equal to 2% of the purchase price will be taken from the deposit upon the safe and undamaged return of the rental equipment, the deposit can also be used to purchase the gear you rent if you like it!

The daily rental fees will be charged for the days the customer has the gear, using the FedEx tracking numbers to verify the date delivered to the customer and the date the gear is dropped to an authorized FedEx center for return using the prepaid label included with every rental order.

FedEx round trip Ground shipping is $20 for each power station, solar panels will be an additional $20 each. If you decide to keep the gear there is no refund on the return shipping. Due to Shipping Regulations our Rental Gear must travel via ground transportation. Sorry we can not overnight outside of the state of Texas.

Refunds of deposits are processed once per week by TBG and the average time for the refund to be released is 2-3 weeks after the gear is returned.


If you are renting you are acknowledging and accepting that the refund may take up to 3 weeks AFTER the gear is received at our warehouse. If you call or e-mail prior to the 3 weeks have passed asking where your refund is the reply will be a simple link back to this page with a note to read the red note. I beg you to please appreciate I am a one man operation with an accountant that works part time, if this time frame is not agreeable please save you and I the frustration and consider a purchase instead of a rental.

Non 12v direct connect CPAP’s (Note this includes All ResMEd systems, even the 12v S8) are not compatible with the TBG CPAP C-150 and will require an Inverter to use the TBG CPAP C-222 this option will be an additional $50 deposit and $1 per day rental fee.
However if you have a 24v ResMed S8 or S9 you can use the C-100 without an inverter.

To determine if your system’s DC voltage requirements please check the label on “Power Supply” (aka “brick”) of the power cord, if there is not a brick your system is NOT DC compatible and will require the inverter.

The number after “DC output” is the DC voltage your system uses as long as it is within the range of 10-14 volts (EXCEPTION 12v ResMed S8 must use C-222 with Inverter) you will be able to use the TBG CPAP C-150 or C-222 without the inverter.

Sample Power Supply Labels

Once you have decided on the proper Power Station select “add to cart”

You will be asked to fill in the date you want to have the gear in hand (it is recommended to receive a couple days prior to your trip so you have time to test the gear)

Select any other options necessary then click “add to cart” to proceed to checkout.

We will collect the security deposit at the time of checkout

NOTE: if you are paying with American Express select PAYPAL

The Rental gear will be shipped to you via FedEx Ground for the delivery date you choose, they must be shipped via ground transportation so to ensure enough time and inventory is available for your order please place your order at least 1 week in advance.

When you receive the gear please carefully open the box, avoiding damage so that you can reuse it for returning the gear. With-in 24 hours test the system to insure you are comfortable with set-up and that all parts are there. If you have issues and do not contact us with-in 24 hours of delivery, you will be billed for the rental even if the gear is faulty, this is to ensure the testing is done before you find yourself out unable to call for assistance. You are now ready to bring the gear on your adventure!

Did you fall in love with the gear?
You are welcome to keep it! That is one of the reason the Security Deposit is equal to the purchase price!

Did you have a good time but prefer your remaining deposit back? Simply return the undamaged, working gear in the same box it was delivered in placing the return label over the delivery label. Be sure to pack all gear you received to avoid paying for them out of your deposit. Once the gear is received back to our warehouse you should see your deposit refund with-in about 2 weeks.

  • Any Items not returned will be deducted from deposit based on current list price.
  • Any rental gear kept over 40 days from delivery to customer will be consider a purchase and the deposit will be forfeited.
  • VERY IMPORTANT NOTE: You have 24 hours from delivery to test all gear and inform TBG of any issues, if you do not call with-in 24 hours of delivery you will be responsible for all rental fees even if the gear is faulty. This policy has been put in place to Protect TBG from clients that do not test gear before finding themselves out of cell phone range and will be 100% enforced as of 7/14/14.


>>Multiple factors will effect run-time, including but not limited to: machine make & model, pressure settings, altitude, use of humidifier, and use of an Inverter (20% or more loss for each factor) TBG does not guarantee any “run-times”.

>> IMPORTANT: CPAP Manufactures specifically DO NOT recommend the use of the Humidifier with a Battery. Although a Humidifier can be used, run-times will be significantly lower than expected

Please be sure your order is placed by noon at least one day prior to the shipping time listed below

CPAP/BiPAP/VPAP Rental Categories:
By clicking below you are agreeing to the terms above:

Non 12v D/C (Includes all 24v ResMed Systems)
12v D/C (most Resperonics Systems)