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How does the External Battery and Solar Charger Rental program work?
  • Select from our list of products below. Click the Add to Cart button.
  • Fill in the DATE you need to receive the rental; this should be at least 2 days before your trip so that you have time to test the gear with your equipment.
  • Fill in the device you will be powering so that we can set you up with the correct connections
  • Think you might need more run-time, then just click on the ADD-A-BATTERY box for just $4 more per day.
  • See any options you would like, just click or select the box to add.
  • A refundable security deposit equal to the gears value is collected during checkout.
  • Daily Rental Rate is calculated from the day the gear leaves our warehouse until the day we receive it back to the warehouse at $5 for the 1st piece of gear and $4 for each additional piece of gear, this amount will be deducted from the security deposit..
  • Return the products using the prepaid FedEx label included with your order as soon as you are finished with them, It is your responsibility as the current owner of this product to wrap your return carefully in original packing material; place in original box.
  • Rental Refunds are processed once a week, by end of day Friday for all orders returned to our warehouse by end of day Wednesday, once refund is issued from us please be aware that your credit card company may take up to 7 business days to release the funds.
  • Rental must be returned fully functional and in good condition with all parts & accessories that were shipped, including bag, tips, cables, and inverter. Otherwise repair and/or reconditioning fees and a 20% restocking fee will deducted from deposit. Any Items not returned will be deducted from deposit based on current list price. 

Rent to own your gear!

Do you love the gear you rented? Great news we here at the battery geeks will apply your rental rate toward the purchase of a brand new battery! Rules and Restrictions:

  • You can keep the gear you used for the rental (often new) or send back rental for brand new gear
  • The rental rate will be applied to and for the equal purchase (i.e. if you rent a battery and a solar panel but only purchase the battery you will only be credited for the battery rental)
  • You have 30 days from the day we receive the rental gear back at the warehouse to use the rental credit for purchase
  • Credit can only be used from the most recent rental
  • Note* If you decide to keep your gear and an inverter was included with your rental you must purchase it separately

Rentals kept beyond 60 days will be considered "purchased" and are not eligible for rental return, exchange, or refund of deposit.

Renting for your CPAP or VPAP?

Good news, no matter your make & model the N/C-20000 is our flagship battery! No need to worry about the connections, just let us know the make and model of your system and we will include the correct one! Most of our customers are able to get 2 nights off of a fully charged N/C-20000, provided no humidifier is used. Now the question is how much gear do you need for your trip:

If you have power during the day to charge then just 1 N/C-20000 should get you through! 

No Power on your trip:

  • Up to 2 nights: (1) N/C-20000 battery pack
  • 3 or 4 nights: (2) N/C-20000 battery packs
  • 5 or more nights: (2) N/C-20000 battery packs and a Solar pad

US Flat Rate FedEx Ground Round-trip Shipping will be added as follows:
  • 1st battery or Solar Panel $20
  • Solar Kit (1 Battery & Solar Panel) $40
  • 2nd battery $10 additional
  • See map below for shipping times from Austin Texas

Please call for rush shipment or for rental in Canada

Optional Equipment rental with additional charges indicated:
  • Add a 2nd Battery for: $4/day
  • Solar Panel:  $4/day
What is an Inverter?:
An inverter is a small device that converts DC power to AC power; for appliances that can not use DC power directly. An inverter plugs directly into a DC power source and provides AC (wall type) outlets just like those you are familiar with in your home.   [DC power: Battery;  AC power: Wall plug]
How do I know if I need to use an Inverter?:
Only the custom Inverter that we supply is guaranteed to work properly with our battery packs. The N-C20000 Battery Pack includes a DC-Out cable that can be used with multiple machines including the Respironics M-Series and System One Series devices, and all DeVilbiss IntelliPAP devices. However, ResMed machines, and Fisher & Paykel machines require the use of an inverter. Ask your CPAP provider if your machine can receive DC power.  If your machine can only receive AC power; (like from the wall outlet), then you will need use the Inverter included in your rental order. 

Because the Inverter keeps the voltage from the battery constant, some DC compatible machines may get more run-time with the Inverter, even though they are able to receive DC power.  We suggest trying your DC compatible CPAP to Battery connection with the Inverter, & then without the Inverter to determine best run-time.
>>Multiple factors will effect run-time, including but not limited to: machine make & model, pressure settings, altitude, use of humidifier, and use of an Inverter (20% or more loss for each factor).

>> IMPORTANT: CPAP Manufactures specifically DO NOT recommend the use of the Humidifier with a Battery. Although a Humidifier can be used, run-times will be significantly lower than expected.