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At The Battery Geeks, we sell custom External Lithium Ion Power stations as well as over 1500 internal batteries for a plethora of electronics equipment, specializing in CPAP, BiPAP, VPAP machines, we can also power Laptop Computers, Apple Products, Cellphone, Digital Camera, AV Equipment, etc.
Our external batteries are designed to have a capacity of up to three times or more of that of a brand-new manufacturer's standard-issue internal battery. This can translate into many additional hours of run time without having to change a battery. You can simply plug your external battery into your computer, and continue working as normal. We are fully committed to your satisfaction and we will work with you to find the best battery for your given needs.

We have a whole range of external batteries for just about any laptop model currently available. One powerful attribute of our external notebook batteries is that they can be combined with your notebook's own internal battery. Simply put, you do not have to remove your internal battery in order to make use of our external batteries. This allows you to combine the total battery time of both batteries, potentially giving you over several extra hours of usage. While our external notebook batteries are indeed powerful and they can boost your notebook usage time to up to ten hours or more, the simple fact of the matter is that some functions are powerful battery drainers. Watching DVDs on your notebook for example will reduce the battery time significantly. With our external notebook batteries, however, it is quite possible to watch a few DVDs and still have battery power left over to surf the Net, work on reports, or do whatever you want with your super powered system!

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