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MFP-200 - 200Wh External Laptop Battery
Mobile Freedom Power - Powers devices from 3V~28V
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Product Code: MFP-200

This battery features variable voltage selection from 3V, 5V, 6V, 9V, 12V, 16V, 19V, 21V, 24V, or 26V. Packed with power at 200Wh Capacity. A power off switch conserves charge when not in use.  Also features a built in USB port which outputs 5V 1.2A, to power and charge you  5V USB supported device.

Please note that run-times may vary depending on application and hardware configurations including internal battery status. Powers and recharges PC laptops for approximately 10-15 hrs. of additional runtime per charge on average.
Capacity: 200Wh
Output Voltage Main: 3V, 5V, 6V, 9V, 12V, 16V, 19V, 21V, 24V, or 28V
Output Voltage USB port: 5V
Output Current (Max): 6A(Max) 4.5A (Continuous)
Charging Time: 6-6.5 Hours
Dimensions: 9.85x5.90x1.33(in)
Weight: 4.40 lb.
Storage/Operating Temp.: -4~122F / 14~104F
Compatibility: Mac, Sony, IBM, Dell etc. as well as all devices which require a 3V~28V power supply. iPod, PSP, MP3, MP4, DC, DV, PDA, Cell Phone, Digital Camera, CPAP device, Laptop, etc.

Warranty: 6 Months Pro-Rated
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FREE Leather/Canvas Travel Case with Removable Shoulder Strap. It also features a handy easy access side zipper so you can easily use your battery while it's kept stored and protected in this case.

Please Note: The following laptops are not supported by any of our battery pack models:
Dell Inspiron models 2000 and above.
All HP Pavilion ZD, ZE and ZV models.
All other devices which have an a/c adapter (power supply) with a current output rating above 8A (for the SPPS200, this rating must not exceed 6A).
Partial Laptop Compatibility List 

Here is the part of laptop compatibility list:

  • Acer AcerNote, AcerNote Light series
  • Acer AcerNote 367, 390 series
  • Acer Aspire 5100, 9410
  • Acer/TI Extensa Series
  • Acer/TI TravelMate Series
  • AMI FT6T20, TF6760
  • Apple new 13 inch and MacBook Pro laptops which require the custom magnetic connector tip. (this special connector tip is not included with our batteries unless you request it from us) 
  • ASUS
  • Averatec 2200 Series
  • Compaq Amada 100, 1100, 2940, 4100 , 4200, E500, M300, M700, V300 Series
  • Compaq LTE 5000, 5150, 5200, 5250, 5300, 5380, 5400, 5480, 6000
  • Compaq EVO N150, N160, N180, N400c, N600c & More...
  • Compaq Presario C300, 700, 800, 900, 1000, 1200, 1400, 1600, 1700, 1800, 2100, 2500, 2700, 2800, 3000, V2575, V2710, V3018, V5306, V6000, V6130
  • CompuSmart SmartLine CSL44, CSL46, CSL47, CSL58, CSL61
  • Dell Latitude C400, C500, C510, C600, C610, C640, C800, C810, C840
  • Dell Latitude LCP, CP, CPi, CPt, CPx, CS, CSx, XPi
  • Dell Latitude 433, 450, 475, LX, LX4100
  • Fujitsu Lifebook S, B, P, A, E Series
  • Fujitsu PenCentra 130, 200
  • Fujitsu Point 1600
  • Fujitsu Stylistic 500, 100, 1200, 2300, 3500, LT C-500, LT-P600
  • Fujitsu Stylistic 3400
  • Fujitsu Lifebook B Series, C Series, E Series, C2010, C2110, C2111, E7010, A1010
  • Gateway MA3
  • Gateway Solo 200, 400, 600, 1100, 1150, 1200, 1400, 1450, 2000, 2100, 2150, 2200, 2300, 2500, 2550, 3100, 3150, 5100, 5150,5300, 5350, 9100, 9300, 9500, 9550
  • HP Omnibook 500, 900, 2100, 3000, 4000, 6000, 7100, XE, XE2, XE3 Series
  • HP Pavilion DV2120, DV2120US, DV5210, DV6119US, DV6120, DV8305, DV8380US, DV9000, DV9005US, DV9030US, DV9010US,
  • HP Pavilion N3000 series and N5000 series
  • HP Pavilion xh series
  • IBM ThinkPad 240, 240X, 290, 310, 310D, 310E, 310ED, 365, 380, 380D, 380E, 380ED, 380XD, 380Z, 385, 385D, 385ED, 385XD, 390, 560, 560E, 560X, 560Z, 570, 600, 600E, 701, 770, 770E, 770ED, 770X, 770Z
  • IBM "i" Series, i1410, i1411, i1412, i1420, i1434, i1435, i1436, i1450, i1451, i1452, i1460, i1470, i1471, i1472, i1480, i1500, i1720, i1721
  • IBM ThinkPad A20,A30 (P4 Model), A31 Series
  • IBM ThinkPad R30, R31, R32, R40 Seires
  • IBM ThinkPad T20, T21, T22, T23, T30 Series
  • IBM ThinkPad X20, X21, X22, X30, X31 Series
  • Micron Trek2, Trek NX, Trek LT series & More...
  • NEC Ready 220T, 230T, 330T, 340T, 360T
  • NEC Versa 2400, 2500, 5000, 550D series
  • Panasonic ToughBook CF01+, CF17+, CF25+, CF27+, CD33+, CF34+, CD35+, CF37+, CF45+, CF47+, CF61+, CF62+, CF71+ CF72, T1
  • Sharp PC 3000,8000, 9000, S400 Series
  • Sony Vaio PCG-505 Seires, 700/800/900 Series
  • Sony Vaio PCG- F series, FX series, GR Series, GRS Series
  • Sony Vaio PCG- GRV series, GRX series, GRZ Series
  • Sony Vaio PCG- R505 series, SR/SRX series, VX, XG, Z505 Series
  • Sony Vaio VGN-SZ260, VGN-SZ320, VGN-SZ330, VGN-SZ330P, VGN-SZ360, VGN-SZ370, VGN-FE770G, VGN-FS990, VGN-FE670G, VGN-FE790, VGN-TX750, VGN-TX770,
  • Toshiba Libretto 50, 70, 100, 110
  • Toshiba Portege 3010, 3015, 3020, 3110, 3120, 3440, 3480, 3490
  • Toshiba Portege 300, 320, 610, 620, 650, 660, 1400, 2000, 4000, 4005, 4010, 7000, 7010, 7020, 7030, 7140, 7200, 7220
  • Toshiba Satellite A105-54284
  • Toshiba Satellite 1605, 1625, 1675, 1695
  • Toshiba Satellite 200, 220, 225, 300, 310, 305, 315, 320, 325, 330, 335
  • Toshiba Satellite 1555, 1400, 1800, 2060, 2065, 2095, 2100, 2105, 2140, 2180, 2210, 2230, 2250, 2280
  • Toshiba Satellite 2400, 2500, 2505, 2510, 2515, 2520, 2525, 2540, 2545, 2590, 2595
  • Toshiba Satellite 2610, 2615, 2655, 2675, 2715, 2775, 2800, 2805
  • Toshiba Satellite 4000, 4010, 4015, 4020, 4025, 4030, 4060, 4070, 4080, 4090, 4100, 4280, 4600
  • Toshiba Satellite 5000, 5100, 5005, 5504, T200
  • Toshiba Satellite M115-S3094, M45X-5331
  • Toshiba Satellite Pro 440, 445, 460, 465, 470, 480, 490, 490X
  • Toshiba Satellite Pro 4200, 4220, 4260, 4280, 4300, 4600
  • Toshiba Satellite Pro 6000, 6100, TE2000, TE2100
  • Toshiba Satellite PSAA8U-1L502K, PSAA8U-SY102K
  • Toshiba Satellite R25S3513
  • Toshiba Satellite U205-S5034
  • Toshiba Tecra 520, 530, 550, 700, 710, 720, 730, 730X, 740, 750, 780
  • Toshiba Tecra 8000, 8100, 8110, 8200, 9000, 9100
  • Toshiba Satellite 1200, 1730, 1735, 1750, 1900, 3000 series
  • Toshiba Satellite T1900, T2400, T2850CT, T4500, T4600, T4700, T4800, T4800CT, T4850, T4900
  • Toshiba Satellite Pro 3000 Series
  • Twinhead SlimNote 910CV, 9133 series, 9150TZ, 9166TZ, VX, VXE, VXE3 Series
  • Twinhead SlimNote 5, 5100, 550S, 575, 600D, 6100, 8100, 875TX, 890, 9, 9100 Series
  • TTX Performance P2000
  • Winbook FX, XP5 Pro
  • Winbook Si series, Si2 850, X1, XL, XL 300TFT, XLi, X4, XP, XP5, Z1, Z1950 series
    Acer    Netbook 1080-003
    Acer    Netbook AS0532h-2964
    Acer    Netbook Aspire One AO532h-2223
    Acer    Netbook Aspire One AO532h-2382
    Acer    Netbook Aspire One AO532h-2588
    Acer    Netbook Aspire One AO532h-2730
    Acer    Netbook Aspire One AO532h-2964
    Acer    Netbook Aspire One AO751h-1401
    Acer    Netbook Aspire One AOD150-1920
    Acer    Netbook Aspire One AOD250
    Acer    Netbook Aspire One D250-1064
    Acer    Netbook Aspire One D250-1165
    Acer    Netbook Aspire One D250-1413
    Acer    Netbook Aspire One P531h-1791
    Acer    AS4810TZ-4183
    Acer    AS5520-5377
    Acer    AS5534-1121
    Acer    AS5542-5416
    Acer    AS5738PG
    Acer    AS5738DG
    Acer    AS7740
    Acer    AS8940G-6865
    Acer    Aspire 1410
    Acer    Aspire 1410-8414
    Acer    Aspire 1410-8804
    Acer    Aspire 4540-1047
    Acer    Aspire 4810TZ-4011
    Acer    Aspire 5542-1462
    Acer    Aspire 5810TZ-4274
    Acer    Aspire AS1410-2497
    Acer    Aspire AS4867
    Acer    Aspire AS5517-5689
    Acer    Aspire AS5517-1643
    Acer    Aspire AS5532-5535
    Acer    Aspire AS5740-5780
    Acer    Extensa 5430-6670
    Acer    Extensa LX.EE203.003
    Acer    Ferrari One FO200-1799
    Acer    Timeline 4810T-8702
    Acer    Timeline AS3810T-6376
    Acer    Timeline AS4810-4011
    Acer    Timeline AS4810TZ
    Acer    Timeline AS5810-4274
    Alienware    M15X-242CSB
    Alienware    M15X-722CSB
    Alienware    M17X-2308MBK
    Asus    Netbook EEE PC 1000HA
    Asus    Netbook EEE PC 1000HEB
    Asus    Netbook EEE PC 1005HAB
    Asus    Netbook EEE PC 1005HAGB
    Asus    Netbook EEE PC 1005PEB
    Asus    Netbook EEE PC 1008HAB
    Asus    Netbook EEE PC 1008PB
    Asus    Netbook EEE PC 1201HAB
    Asus    Netbook EEE PC 1201NB
    Asus    Netbook EEE Box B202
    Asus    Netbook CFE002S
    Asus    Netbook PCH002S
    Asus    Netbook RBLK01S
    Asus    Netbook RBLU01S
    Asus    G51IJ-A1
    Asus    G60VX-RBBX05
    Asus    G72GX-RBBX05
    Asus    K50I-RBBGR05
    Asus    K60I-RBBBR05
    Asus    K61IC-A2
    Asus    U50F-RBBAG05
    Asus    UL50VT-RBBBK05
    Asus    UX50V-A1
    Asus    VX5-A2B
    Averatec    N3400
    Averatec    N3440TH1E-1
    Compaq    Presario CQ50-209NR
    Compaq    Presario CQ60-202US
    Compaq    Presario CQ60-423DX
    Compaq    Presario CQ60-422DX
    Compaq    Presario CQ60-615DX
    Compaq    Presario CQ61-410US
    Compaq    Presario CQ61-420US
    Dell    Netbook Mini 10 IM1012
    Dell    Netbook 1I12-159B
    Dell    Adamo
    Dell    Adamo A13-050B
    Dell    Adamo XPS AX3601
    Dell    Alienware M11x
    Dell    Alienware M15x
    Dell    Alienware M17x
    Dell    I545-4845
    Dell    I545-5551
    Dell    I545-6150
    Dell    Inspiron 11Z
    Dell    Inspiron 13
    Dell    Inspiron 14
    Dell    Inspiron 14Z
    Dell    Inspiron I1440-2630
    Dell    Inspiron I1440-3718
    Dell    Inspiron I1440-4024
    Dell    Inspiron I1440-4574
    Dell    Inspiron 1464
    Dell    Inspiron I1470-3282
    Dell    Inspiron 15
    Dell    Inspiron 15Z
    Dell    Inspiron 1545
    Dell    Inspiron I1545-4266
    Dell    Inspiron I1545-4203
    Dell    Inspiron I1545-4374
    Dell    Inspiron I1545-5876
    Dell    Inspiron I1545-6556
    Dell    Inspiron I1546-2453
    Dell    Inspiron 1564
    Dell    Inspiron I1564-6980
    Dell    Inspiron 17
    Dell    Inspiron 1764
    Dell    Inspiron I1764-6075
    Dell    Studio 14
    Dell    Studio 14Z
    Dell    Studio 15
    Dell    Studio S15Z-3630
    Dell    Studio S15Z-2249
    Dell    Studio S1557-7493
    Dell    Studio X1647-533
    Dell    Studio 17
    Dell    Studio S1745-5492
    Dell    Studio S1747-3209
    Dell    Studio XPS X1340-1769
    Dell    Studio XPS 16
    eMachines    Netbook EM250-1915
    eMachines    EME625-5103
    eMachines    EME627-5583
    Fujitsu    Netbook M2011
    Fujitsu    A1220
    Fujitsu    AH550
    Fujitsu    NH570
    Fujitsu    LifeBook A6230
    Fujitsu    LifeBook AH550
    Fujitsu    LifeBook T1010
    Fujitsu    LifeBook T2020
    Fujitsu    LifeBook T4310
    Fujitsu    LifeBook T5010
    Fujitsu    LifeBook P3010
    Fujitsu    LifeBook P8020
    Gateway    Netbook LT2023U
    Gateway    Netbook LT2104U
    Gateway    Netbook LT2122U
    Gateway    Netbook LT2123U
    Gateway    EC5801U
    Gateway    FX Edition
    Gateway    LT2021U
    Gateway    LT2022U
    Gateway    LT2023u
    Gateway    LT2106U
    Gateway    LT2108U
    Gateway    LT2119U
    Gateway    M-6848
    Gateway    MD7820U
    Gateway    NV5302u
    Gateway    NV5331u
    Gateway    NV5378u
    Gateway    NV5388u
    Gateway    NV5389u
    Gateway    NV5390u
    Gateway    NV5434U
    Gateway    NV5614u
    Gateway    NV5820u
    Gateway    NV5931u
    Gateway    NV5932u
    Gateway    NV5933u
    Gateway    NV5934u
    Gateway    NV5935u
    Gateway    NV7316u
    Gateway    NV7802u
    Gateway    NV7915u
    Gateway    T-6345u
    Gateway    P-7809u
    Gateway    P-7915u
    HP    Netbook Mini 110
    HP    Netbook Mini 110-1131DX
    HP    Netbook Mini 110-1030NR
    HP    Netbook Mini 110-1037NR
    HP    Netbook Mini 210
    HP    Netbook Mini 210-1010NR
    HP    Netbook Mini 210-1050NR
    HP    Netbook Mini 210-1070NR
    HP    Netbook Mini 210-1080NR
    HP    Netbook Mini 210-1085NR
    HP    Netbook Mini 210-1090NR
    HP    Netbook Mini 210-1095NR
    HP    Netbook Mini 311
    HP    Netbook Mini 311-1000NR
    HP    Netbook Mini 1010NR
    HP    Netbook Mini 1115NR
    HP    Netbook Mini 1137NR
    HP    Netbook Mini 5101
    HP    Compaq 6530b
    HP    Compaq 6730b
    HP    Compaq 6735b
    HP    EliteBook 2530p
    HP    EliteBook 2730p
    HP    EliteBook 6930p
    HP    EliteBook 8730w
    HP    ENVY 13-1030NR
    HP    ENVY 15
    HP    ENVY 15-1050NR
    HP    ENVY 15-1055SE
    HP    ENVY 15-1150NR
    HP    G60-442OM
    HP    G60-443NR
    HP    G60-445DX
    HP    G60-453NR
    HP    G60-530US
    HP    G60-535DX
    HP    G60-553NR
    HP    G60-630US
    HP    G60-635DX
    HP    G61-320US
    HP    G61-321NR
    HP    G70-460US
    HP    G71-340US
    HP    G71-445US
    HP    HDX 16-1370US
    HP    Pavilion dm3-1030us
    HP    Pavilion dm3-1035dx
    HP    Pavilion dm3-1040us
    HP    Pavilion dm3-1130us
    HP    Pavilion dm3-1040us
    HP    Pavilion dv2-1030us
    HP    Pavilion dv2-1039wm
    HP    Pavilion dv3-2150us
    HP    Pavilion dv4-1514dx
    HP    Pavilion dv4-1540us
    HP    Pavilion dv4-1547sb
    HP    Pavilion dv4-1548nr
    HP    Pavliion dv4-2040us
    HP    Pavilion dv4-2045dx
    HP    Pavilion dv4-2140us
    HP    Pavilion dv4-2145dx
    HP    Pavilion dv6-2150us
    HP    Pavilion dv4-2155dx
    HP    Pavilion dv4-2160us
    HP    Pavilion dv4-2165dx
    HP    Pavilion dv4-2167sb
    HP    Pavilion dv5
    HP    Pavilion dv6-1234nr
    HP    Pavilion dv6-1280us
    HP    Pavilion dv6-1351nr
    HP    Pavilion dv6-1360us
    HP    Pavilion dv6-1375dx
    HP    Pavilion dv6-2044dx
    HP    Pavilion dv6-2066dx
    HP    Pavilion dv6-2088dx
    HP    Pavilion dv6-2150us
    HP    Pavilion dv6-2155dx
    HP    Pavilion dv6-2170us
    HP    Pavilion dv6-2190us
    HP    Pavilion dv7
    HP    Pavilion dv7-1424nr
    HP    Pavilion dv7-1450us
    HP    Pavilion dv7-2111us
    HP    Pavilion dv7-2170us
    HP    Pavilion dv7-2180us
    HP    Pavilion dv7-3057nr
    HP    Pavilion dv7-3065dx
    HP    Pavilion dv7-3085dx
    HP    Pavilion dv7-3160us
    HP    Pavilion dv7-3165dx
    HP    Pavilion dv7-3180us
    HP    ProBook 4310s
    HP    ProBook 4415s
    HP    ProBook 4510s
    HP    ProBook 4710s
    HP    TouchSmart tm2
    HP    TouchSmart tm2-1070us
    HP    TouchSmart tx2-1020us
    HP    TouchSmart tx2-1270us
    HP    TouchSmart tx2-1274nr
    HP    TouchSmart tx2-1370us
    Lenovo    Netbook S10E
    Lenovo    Netbook S10
    Lenovo    Netbook S10-3T-0651
    Lenovo    Netbook S10-2
    Lenovo    G450
    Lenovo    G455
    Lenovo    G406
    Lenovo    G530
    Lenovo    G550
    Lenovo    G550-2958
    Lenovo    G560
    Lenovo    IdeaPad S10E 4187
    Lenovo    IdeaPad S12
    Lenovo    IdeaPad U150
    Lenovo    IdeaPad U330
    Lenovo    IdeaPad U350
    Lenovo    IdeaPad U350-2963
    Lenovo    IdeaPad U450p
    Lenovo    IdeaPad Y450
    Lenovo    IdeaPad Y550
    Lenovo    IdeaPad Y550p
    Lenovo    U450P-3389
    Lenovo    ThinkPad Edge
    Lenovo    ThinkPad R400
    Lenovo    ThinkPad R500
    Lenovo    ThinkPad SL400-2743
    Lenovo    ThinkPad SL410
    Lenovo    ThinkPad SL410-2842F
    Lenovo    ThinkPad SL500-2717
    Lenovo    ThinkPad SL500-2746
    Lenovo    ThinkPad SL510
    Lenovo    ThinkPad SL510-2847
    Lenovo    ThinkPad T400
    Lenovo    ThinkPad T400-2767
    Lenovo    ThinkPad T500
    Lenovo    ThinkPad T500-2089
    Lenovo    ThinkPad T500-2242
    Lenovo    ThinkPad W500
    Lenovo    ThinkPad W500-4061
    Lenovo    ThinkPad X100e
    Lenovo    ThinkPad X200
    Lenovo    ThinkPad X200s
    Lenovo    ThinkPad X301
    MSI    Netbook Wind L1300
    MSI    Netbook Wind U100-641US
    MSI    Netbook Wing U123
    MSI    Netbook Wind U123-004US
    MSI    Netbook Wind U130-416US
    MSI    Netbook Wind U130-417US
    MSI    Netbook Wind U135-204US
    MSI    Netbook Wind U135-206US
    MSI    Netbook Wind U135-208US
    MSI    Netbook Wind U135-210US
    MSI    A4000
    MSI    A5000
    MSI    A6000
    MSI    A6200
    MSI    CR600-076US
    MSI    M6275-419us
    MSI    U2100
    MSI    U230
    MSI    Wind U100-013US
    MSI    Wind U100-018US
    MSI    Wind U100-631US
    MSI    Wind U100-869US
    Panasonic    Toughbook 19
    Panasonic    Toughbook 30
    Panasonic    Toughbook 52
    Panasonic    Toughbook 74
    Panasonic    Toughbook F8
    Panasonic    Toughbook U1
    Panasonic    Toughbook W8
    Rain Computers    LiveBook DBL-03
    Rain Computers    LiveBook LBS-08
    Rain Computers    LiveBook LBS-09VB32
    Rain Computers    LiveBook ZPR-03
    Samsung    Netbook NP-N150-JA01US
    Samsung    Netbook NP-N150-JA03US
    Samsung    Netbook NP-N210-JA02US
    Samsung    R430
    Samsung    NP-R780-JS01US
    Sony    Netbook VPCW211AX
    Sony    Netbook VPCW212AX
    Sony    111FX
    Sony    AW270YQ
    Sony    AW330J
    Sony    CW121AX
    Sony    CW13FX
    Sony    CW21FX
    Sony    CW23FX
    Sony    EB11FX
    Sony    EB15FX
    Sony    F111FX
    Sony    F114FX
    Sony    F116FX
    Sony    FW460J
    Sony    FW468J
    Sony    FW510
    Sony    FW520F
    Sony    FW530F
    Sony    FW550F
    Sony    NW220F
    Sony    NW230G
    Sony    NW240F
    Sony    NW250F
    Sony    NW275F
    Sony    NW320F
    Sony    NW350F
    Sony    NW370F
    Sony    P720K
    Sony    SR540G
    Sony    W111XX
    Sony    W121AX
    Sony    W211AX
    Sony    Z850G
    Sony    VAIO VPCB11QGX
    Sony    VAIO VPCCW1PFX
    Sony    VAIO VPCCW1XGX
    Sony    VAIO VPCCW2MGX
    Sony    VAIO VPCCW21FX
    Sony    VAIO VPCCW23FX
    Sony    VAIO VPCCW26FX
    Sony    VAIO VPCCW27FX
    Sony    VAIO VPCF114FX
    Sony    VAIO VPCF115FM
    Sony    VAIO VPCS111FM
    Sony    VAIO VGN-BZ579TBB
    Sony    VAIO VGN-CS320J
    Sony    VAIO VGN-NS328J
    Sony    VAIO VGN-NW160J
    Sony    VAIO VGN-NW242F
    Sony    VAIO VGN-NW320F
    Sony    VAIO VGN-NW330F
    Sony    VAIO VGN-NW350F
    Sony    VAIO VGN-P530H
    Sony    VAIO VGN-P588H
    Sony    VAIO VGN-P688E
    Sony    VAIO VGN-SR410J
    Sony    VAIO VGN-Z820D
    Sony    VAIO VGN-Z899GBB
    Sony    VAIO VGN-Z899GCB
    Sony    VAIO VGN-Z899GRB
    Sony    VAIO VGN-BZ570N01
    Sony    VAIO VGN-BZ570N02
    Sony    VAIO VGN-BZ579N03
    Sony    VAIO VGN-BZ579N05
    Toshiba    Netbook NB205
    Toshiba    Netbook NB205-N210
    Toshiba    Netbook NB205-N310
    Toshiba    Netbook NB205-N325
    Toshiba    Netbook NB205-N330
    Toshiba    Netbook NB300
    Toshiba    Netbook NB305
    Toshiba    Netbook NB305-N410
    Toshiba    Portégé M780
    Toshiba    Portégé R600
    Toshiba    Qosmio X305
    Toshiba    Qosmio X500
    Toshiba    Qosmio X505
    Toshiba    Qosmio X505-Q865
    Toshiba    Qosmio X505-Q870
    Toshiba    Qosmio X505-Q880
    Toshiba    Satellite A215-S5815
    Toshiba    Satellite A500
    Toshiba    Satellite A505
    Toshiba    Satellite A505-S6005
    Toshiba    Satellite A505-S6017
    Toshiba    Satellite A505-S6025
    Toshiba    Satellite A505-S6033
    Toshiba    Satellite E105-S1802
    Toshiba    Satellite E205
    Toshiba    Satellite L305
    Toshiba    Satellite L450
    Toshiba    Satellite L450-EZ1542
    Toshiba    Satellite L450-EZ1543
    Toshiba    Satellite L455
    Toshiba    Satellite L455-S5000
    Toshiba    Satellite L455-S5008
    Toshiba    Satellite L500
    Toshiba    Satellite L505
    Toshiba    Satellite L505-ES5016
    Toshiba    Satellite L505-ES5018
    Toshiba    Satellite L505-GS5038
    Toshiba    Satellite L505-GS6000
    Toshiba    Satellite L505-GS6002
    Toshiba    Satellite L505D-ES5025
    Toshiba    Satellite L505D-LS5007
    Toshiba    Satellite L515-S4010
    Toshiba    Satellite L550
    Toshiba    Satellite L550-EZ1702
    Toshiba    Satellite L555D
    Toshiba    Satellite L555D-S7005
    Toshiba    Satellite L555-S7916
    Toshiba    Satellite M305
    Toshiba    Satellite M500
    Toshiba    Satellite M505
    Toshiba    Satellite M505-S4972
    Toshiba    Satellite M505-S4975
    Toshiba    Satellite P500
    Toshiba    Satellite P505
    Toshiba    Satellite P505D-S8007
    Toshiba    Satellite T100
    Toshiba    Satellite T110
    Toshiba    Satellite T115D
    Toshiba    Satellite T115D-S1120
    Toshiba    Satellite T115D-S1121
    Toshiba    Satellite T115D-S1125
    Toshiba    Satellite T135
    Toshiba    Satellite T135-S1300
    Toshiba    Satellite T135-S1305
    Toshiba    Satellite T135-S1309
    Toshiba    Satellite T135D-S1324
    Toshiba    Satellite T135-S1325
    Toshiba    Satellite T135D-S1325
    Toshiba    Satellite U405D
    Toshiba    Satellite U500
    Toshiba    Satellite U505
    Toshiba    Satellite U505-S2005
    Toshiba    Satellite U505-S2008
    Toshiba    Satellite U505-S2010
    Toshiba    Satellite U505-S2970
    Toshiba    Tecra A10-S3551
    Toshiba    Tecra A11
    Toshiba    Tecra M10
    Toshiba    Tecra R10
    Velocity Micro    Netbook NoteMagix M10
    ZT    Affinity Q6002i-74
    ZT    Reliant P703i-74
    ZT    Reliant P7006i-79
    ZT    Reliant Q601i-79
  • And many more makes and models of laptops...

What if my laptop is not listed above? 

If you don't see your model listed above, don't worry because there are many more models supported that are not listed above. Just click here to fill out your free battery audit form and we will analyze it and suggest some options for you.

How much additional runtime can I get from your Portable Power Station 200Wh battery?

As far as runtime goes for our Super Portable Power Station 200Wh battery this battery's capacity is 200Wh(Watt-hour). You can compare this battery's capacity with your internal battery capacity to figure out how long this battery can run your notebook or other portable electronic device. For example, if your notebook internal battery output is: 10.8V & 4000 mAh, then, your notebook internal battery capacity is:

10.8V x 4000 mAh = 43200 mVAh= 43.2 Wh (Watt-hour).

This external battery capacity is about 200/43.2=4.63 times of your internal battery capacity.

If your internal notebook battery can run 3 hours, then the external battery pack can theoretically run about : 3 hours x 4.63 = 13.89 hours of additional runtime for your notebook per charge. If you are interested in getting the longest possible runtime per charge for your device you may want to consider our brand new 444Wh and 222Wh Super Portable Power Station Commercial Series battery line.

This is a rough estimate. Actual running time varies, depending on notebook computer's configurations and what kind of applications running . For example, screen brightness, the use of the CPU, the hard drive, the CD drive, and other peripherals results in an additional drain upon the battery, effectively reducing the battery's run-time. The total run-time of the battery is also heavily dependent upon the design of the notebook. To ensure maximum performance of the battery, optimize the computer's power management features. Refer to the computer manual for further instructions.

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