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All of our external battery packs are manufactured in our ISO 9001:2000 certified factory. All of our battery packs are RoHS compliant and FCC approved for use in airports and aboard airplanes.

At The Battery Geeks we specialize in state of the art external batteries which are designed to give your devices the longest possible run time while keeping them operating at their highest performance on the plane, in the airport, in the classroom, at your favorite book store, at Starbucks or wherever else you may find yourself in need of that extra battery power.

All of our external batteries feature premium quality super high density lithium ion chemistry with an ultra portable and lightweight design. Our external batteries are engineered from professional cutting edge research and development efforts and GMP (good manufacturing practices) ensuring quality, safety and effectiveness in order to provide you with the maximum reliability, durability and run time.
You may use our external batteries with or without your existing internal battery. Also, our external batteries will work with devices which do not even have an existing internal battery. We have also found that most internal batteries have an average lifespan of about 6 months or less before they start displaying some significant signs of performance loss. Also, a great majority of these internal batteries suffer from the symptoms of "memory effect" which prohibits you from charging them whenever it is convenient. Depending on the level of proper care and usage, it is very feasible for our batteries to last you well over 1~2+ years before showing any symptoms of performance loss typically displayed through reduced run time.
A product is only as desirable as the quality of the service behind it. AtTheBatteryGeeks.com, we offer a 30 day return option, in addition to a one-year pro-rated warranty. Plus, being a small, specialty enterprise, we are able to provide truly personal service to our clients. We not only provide the specialty batteries you need, we also help you identify what your requirements are--by encouraging you to submit basic information which allows us to advise you on what best meets your needs.

Efficiency is another hallmark of our business here at batterygeek.net. We conduct same day shipping and offer a delivery guarantee option. Because our number one priority is client satisfaction, we believe that the whole process should be satisfying, not just the end product.
Tell us more about your device needs, let us help you find the right external battery solution with our expertise and your satisfaction guaranteed.
To fill out our brief free battery audit form so that depending on your preference, we can either call or e-mail you back with some options, click here.
At The Battery Geeks, we are committed to building value not only for our customers and our business, but also for the communities that our company and our employees call home. We strive to participate responsibly in the global marketplace in which we operate.
At the core of this effort is a corporate philosophy that guides our conduct wherever we do business, which we call the Soul of Battery Geek. Central to that philosophy is our efforts to hold ourselves to the highest possible standards when doing business.
Our Code of Conduct details our efforts to hold ourselves to standards of ethical behavior that go well beyond legal minimums. The Battery Geeks and our employees are committed to giving.

Finally, The Battery Geeks is committed to a culture of environmental sustainability and responsibility. We continually reduce The Battery Geek's impact on the environment through product design, manufacturing and operations, product ownership experience, and product end-of-life solutions.