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Battery and Fuel Cells
The most advanced portable electronics gear, featuring integrated circuits with millions of transistors, still depends on an old technology: batteries, or "electrical storage cells". Although new storage cell technologies are being developed, most of the common batteries in daily use were developed over a century ago. A related power-storage technology, "fuel cells", is about as old, but is only now poised to come into widespread use. This document discusses storage cell and fuel cell technology, outlining the current state of the art and future prospects.
Battery (Storage Cell) Technologies
   Storage Cell Fundamentals
   Storage Cell Definitions & Specifications
   Carbon-Zinc & Alkaline Cells
   Mercury, Zinc-Air, & Silver Oxide Button Cells
   Lead-Acid, Edison, Nicad, & Nimh Cells
   Lithium Technology
   Storage Cell Summary
Fuel Cells
   Fuel Cell Fundamentals
   The Alkaline Fuel Cell
   Acidic Fuel Cells
   Fuel Cell Outlook
   Sources, Comments, & Revision History

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