We specialize in high capacity external laptop batteries, external battery packs for iPod, iPhone, iPad, Droid, BlackBerry, Kindle. Portable CPAP, BiPAP & VPAP batteries and custom battery pack solutions. Battery Geek Inc. - New External Li-ion Battery Packs
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CPAP, BiPAP & VPAP External Batteries

3V~28V Mobile Freedom Series (one external battery with selectable voltages from 3V~28V for all your devices)    
Commercial Mobile Freedom Series (external batteries with  the world's highest capacities and single voltage outputs for end-user friendly business applications)    
Solar Battery Chargers Solar Charging Solutions    
External Battery Accessories    
Cell Phone, Smart Phone & PDA External Batteries    
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Here you'll find up-to-date information on batteries and battery chargers. We'll explain the different types of battery designs currently used, some of the chemistry involved, and advantages, disadvantages and applications of each design.We have also included some useful definitions.
The Batterygeeks offer great prices on Laptop batteries, DVD battery, Tablet & Smart Phone batteries, MP3 Player batteries and adapters.
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