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CPAP Batteries

Buy or Rent the highest performance and lightest weight CPAP Battery Packs, Respironics CPAP Battery, BiPAP Batteries,
VPAP Batteries, ResMed S8 and S9 CPAP Battery Packs

The problem with what seems to be the majority of the other CPAP battery packs out there on the market is that they use cheap low
quality, short life, lithium-ion battery cells and aren't manufactured using cell balancing technology. Cell balancing allows for the battery
pack to simultaneously use all of the Li-ion cells during use, which equates to greatly extended battery pack runtimes per charge and
battery pack lifespans. Another problem with what seems to be the majority of the other CPAP battery packs out there in the market is that they are not manufactured using a safe PCB (protective circuit board) design which typically results in battery pack reliability and
performance issues such as greatly reduced battery pack runtimes per charge and battery pack lifespans.

An advantage of the Novuscell brand CPAP battery packs is that they are manufactured with the highest quality PCB's and
lithium-ion battery cells and cell balancing technology which equates to maximum safety, reliability, super long battery pack lifespans
and the longest possible runtimes per charge.

All of Novuscell CPAP battery packs have been designed and manufactured with a PCB (Protective Circuit Board) which provides
the following internal protective safety features:

1. Internal CPAP battery safety protection against thermal run away (overheating).

2. Internal CPAP battery safety protection against over charging.

3. Internal CPAP battery safety protection against over discharge.

4. Internal CPAP battery safety protection against over voltage and over current.

5. Internal CPAP battery safety protection against short circuit.

6. Internal CPAP battery safety protection against self-discharge (will hold the charge for over one year when turned off).

Novuscell CPAP battery packs were designed and engineered to withstand extreme altitudes and temperatures and have performed
superbly well on professional expeditions to Mt. Everest and the Himalayas.

The Battery Geeks is an Authorized Reseller for the Novuscell Batteries patent pending line of high end Medical-Grade CPAP Batteries
which provide the longest possible CPAP, BiPAP and VPAP Machine runtimes of up to 50 hours per charge. Each CPAP Battery is RoHS compliant and is CE and EMC certified and features internal protection against over heating, over charging and short circuit. Each CPAP Battery also includes a one year Pro-Rated Warranty. All of our external battery packs are manufactured in the Novuscell Batteries ISO 9001:2000 certified factory and are DOT and FAA approved for use in airports and on airplanes according to the DOT and FAA rules and regulations pertaining to the acceptable transport of Lithium-ion batteries effective as of 1/1/2008. They will also always clear all airport security checkpoints and will never be affected by the security x-rays.

All CPAP Batteries Include A FREE canvas carrying case with a shoulder strap and a One Year Pro-Rated Warranty (extended warranties are also available) + Free FedEx Ground Shipping + A lifetime of free live tech support.

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Cpap Battery Pack  N-C20000 CPAP, BiPAP and VPAP BATTERY
  • Brand: Novuscell Batteries
  • Model: N-20000 / Patents Pending
  • Description: Universal CPAP, BiPAP and VPAP Battery Pack
  • Warranty: One Year Pro-Rated Warranty
  • Dimensions: 9.8in x 5.9in x 1.3in / Weight 4.8 Lbs.
  • CPAP Battery Chemistry: High capacity, premium grade Lithium-ion cells
  • CPAP Battery Case: Aluminum alloy scratch resistant shell
  • CPAP Battery Protection: Built in circuitry protection against overheating.
  • CPAP Battery Capacity: 20,000mAh (14hrs.-24hrs. runtime per charge on average*)
  • CPAP Battery Output Voltage: 12V
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CPAP Battery Power Inverter  

200 Watt Customized DC to AC Inverter

Required for use with ResMed S9, ResMed S8 Compact model CPAP machines and all Respironics BiPAP machines. Also required for other machines which can only accept A/C power. Free Full One Year Extended Warranty.


Portable Solar Charger System for CPAP, BiPAP and VPAP Batteries

Cpap Battery Pack

  • This new military grade paper-thin portable solar panel charger plus custom calibrated voltage regulator device recharges
    the N-C20000 model CPAP battery pack from a complete discharge in minimum of at least 10 hours (direct full sun).
  • Rolled, this solar panel is 4 inches long by 14.5 inches tall. Unrolled: 79.75 inches long by 14.5 inches wide.
  • Weight is 1.8 lbs.  
  • Includes a small voltage regulator box which allows the solar panel to safely charge your CPAP battery. The weight of
    the voltage regulator box is only 3.5 ounces and is 2 inches long by 2 inches wide and 1.5 inches thick.
  • Waterproof and puncture proof.
  • Cadmium Free, unlike some other solar technologies, and performs well in diverse environments, including hot sun, and
    does not suffer from wasted over-voltage.
  • Monolithically integrated which eliminates the need for damage-prone manual connections of individual solar cells.
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Client Reviews:


I recently purchased your N-C20000 CPAP battery. I love tent camping – without a long extension cord or the need to sleep amongst the giant RV's. The charge allowed me two nights in the tent using a pressure of 11 cm. Thanks for "cutting the cord" for me – your CPAP battery was a great solution for me. The protective carrying case is very nice too. Taking pics of the hardware in a tent is a little boring I found. The weekend was beautiful for camping, bicycling and just relaxing in the tent. It got into the upper 40's at night, but no trouble with the battery. I was trying to make the motorcycle helmet be a person…..don't think a real person with a CPAP mask on would be a great seller of CPAP batteries – it's more the concept of "be free to be wild – cut the cord." Anyway, here's a couple of photos…..I won't feel bad if they don't work. I think it's great that I can plug it into my Pontiac Vibe - one could potentially charge it back up everyday while driving around so one wouldn't be limited to two days of service….works for me.

Your happy camper,

Kathie O'Donnell
Rapid City, SD

I recently purchased the N-C20000 CPAP BATTERY PACK and used it for a 5 day camping trip. This battery is great. This battery exceeded all my expectations; not only running my CPAP unit but with limited access to a generator it charged quickly and ran for 5 days. CPAP setting is 13 cm/H2O.


I could not be more satisfied.

Steve Halfmann MCOE
Mechanical Design

I'm getting 2 nights sleep with it even in cold temps at up to 12,000 ft. elevation. It provides me a way to do some serious back country hiking & camping and get a decent night's sleep and also not upset my co-campers.

I'm very happy with my purchase, it's been a great CPAP battery these last 2 years!

John Whittle

I'm happy to say that I've been thoroughly satisfied with my N-C20000 CPAP, BiPAP and VPAP BATTERY, I purchased a few months ago for my camping trips. I gave the the battery a test run on my Respironics CPAP Machine and was able to use the battery for 4 nights (6 hours each). I unplugged the cpap machine each morning, so as not to have the battery power the status lights when it was not in use. It was great to have a product that started with great customer service and end with a product that worked as advertised.

Burke Cochrane
Baltimore, MD

For CPAP, BiPAP or VPAP Battery ordering information or to become an authorized reseller, call us Toll-Free at
1-(888)-538-0402 or e-mail us at batterygeek@gmail.com

*Please note that runtimes will vary based on machine, make, model, pressure setting and humidifier use.